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Ipar Yachts saw the need for honest brokers with a technical knowledge on the marine industry, in order to exceed the customer expectations. We will work closely with you throughout the entire process towards the successful sale of your boat. Ipar Yachts' goal is to combine your unique needs and standards to achieve the best possible result.

We offer the professional brokerage services, which it favors with a series of interesting advantages:​

  • We take care of the advertisement of the boat, closely working with the media platforms with greater projection according to the sales area and the type of boat.​

  • We have a professional content creation team that will develop an advertising campaign for the boat, with the subsequent publication on the different digital platforms. The aim is to generate a greater exposure of the boat and reach to a wider audience.​

  • We advise the seller on the target price of the boat by contrasting with current market prices and offering a price as close to the real value of the boat.​

  • We carry out a study of the boat to highlight its strengths and correct any weaknesses.​

  • We reduce the time your boat is for sale by promoting the sale, with a fast and stress free transfer.​

  • We intercede with the seller and the buyer to establish a fair price, defending the rights of the seller.​

  • We advise at all times on the best marketing strategy to sell the boat at the highest price in the shortest possible time.

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