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The safety of a boat and its crew can be seriously compromised by lack of boat maintenance: engines that stop, lines that break, equipment that stops working.


Ipar Yachts offers a service designed so that you only have to worry about one thing: SAIL. This service consists of periodic reviews of the boat and of the mooring, which allow discovering faults in a premature phase and thus avoid major repairs. In addition, it helps the boat not depreciate as much and to achieve better conditions when it comes to selling it.

Our goal: Make boat ownership as stress-free for the shipowner.

The following is a summary of the most requested services that Ipar Yachts puts at your disposal:

Standard maintenance:

  • Exterior cleaning.

  • Boat condition survey.

  • Review of moorings and fenders

Star maintenance:

  • Exterior and interior cleaning.

  • Teak cleaning.

  • Boat condition survey.

  • Review of moorings and fenders.

  • Start-up of engines and systems.



This service consists of providing the service that best suits the needs of the boat and the client.

  • Annual maintenance . We take care of the transfer of the boat to, as well as the safe lift on and lift off. In addition, we offer anti-fouling paint application service, the replacement sacrificial anodes and hull cleaning and maintenance work.

  • Exterior cleaning. We offer a tailor-made cleaning service, so that you decide when we shall clean your boat.

  • Teak cleaning . We recommend cleaning the teak thoroughly one to three times a year depending on its state of conservation and the use that is given to the boat.

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