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Ipar Yachts offers technical assistance and management services to the buyer, whom it favours with a series of interesting advantages:

•    We save our clients time searching hundreds of listings by offering only the boats that meet the buyer's requirements.

•    We advise on which boat is the most convenient according to the buyer's needs: power boat, sailboat, size, systems on boards ...

•    We analyse the real price of the boats for sale in order to make an appropriate offer, based on the real value of the boat.

•    We examine the condition of the boat, in order to stablish the real condition of the systems onboard. Furthermore, every safety and legal aspects are checked so as to ensure all requirements are met.

•    We act as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller, defending our customer on every stage of the acquisition so as to get a good price and adequate guarantees.

When buying or selling a boat, having the advice and support from a Nautical Broker with technical knowledge on the marine industry is an incentive that a fair price will be achieved. Furthermore, the process is carried out with guarantees, and you have the advice of an avid professional in boat property transactions.

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